The Team - The Team Behind Ethereal Games Creativity!


The Team Behind Ethereals Creativity


Ethereal Games team is formed out of five members, Sam, Matt, Josh, Joshua and Raf. Each of us have different tasks but we always make sure we’re all communicating, share the work we have done so far and share our ideas even if they’re the most ridiculous ideas we ever heard of. The point of it is to strengthen our teamwork and increase the enjoyment we get from working together as it will allow us to provide better products for the community.

Every indie developer should prioritise two things, teamwork and communication with both team and the community. All of us are students in Glyndwr University based in Wales.

If you have any enquires please do contact us, we will be more than happy to answer any questions.

The Team

Joshua Payne


Joshua has had a life long passion for computer games & has developed games since 2013, beginning with Magic Pow Pow.

Expanding his skills while at university including Unreal4, Maya, Android Studio & many other skills to enable him to create some amazing games.

The Team

Sam Brimlow

3D Modelling & Animation

3D Modelling, Animation & Cinematics are his favourite areas of games development but likes to dabble in programming. 

Founding member of Ethereal and Magic Pow Pow.

Sam is also chief walking companion of Bailey our team leader

The Team

Josh Riley

Audio & Level Designer

Josh is responsible for level design as well as audio design. He looks 12 but he’s actually 13 or 14 or something. We don’t know how he got on the team. It might have something to do with his killer video game “skillz”. He also knows how to pronounce “Ethereal”, which was a big help.

The Team

Matt key

3D modelling

Avid 3D modeling/sculpting, who prefers hard surface modelling using tools as Maya, Mudbox & Zbrush, and has experience with animating and rigging characters. A little knowledge of using python within Maya in order to create expressions for some of the assets created.

The Team

Rafal Mazurkiewicz

Business & Marketing

Raf is the latest addition to the team. He’s responsible for marketing and any business enquiries. Most of the external communications go through Raf, which he then communicate to the rest of the team. Feel free to contact him at any time by the use of any of the methods from the “Contacts” tab.

The Team


Team Leader & Motivator

Bailey the Pug is a dedicated team member who has great delight in motivating the whole team wth his bouncy personality. Free time is spent adventuring in the great outdoors and rewarding his deadication with treats.

Pug Game Developer Support