Magic Pow Pow - low-poly survival game - Indie Game by Ethereal Games

 Jun 04, 2016 - Magic Pow Pow

 Ethereal Games

Magic pow pow is a low-poly survival game set in a magical fantasy world.

Try to survive the harsh wilderness surrounding them as a fully customisable sorcerer. Using magic to help farm crops, make potions and craft new items in an attempt to survive.

Defend against goblins which lurk in the surrounding wilderness, ancient horrors that have been long forgotten and other mysterious mythical creatures.

The player will not only have to fend of creatures but their growing hunger and thirst as well, they must learn how to grow vegetables, hunt animals and tend to livestock.

Magical spells
Character customization
Crafting system
Potion crafting
Farming system
Questing system

Will you take on the magical challenge? Will you be able to outwit the goblin and mythic creatures? Will you succeed as a sorcerer?

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