Main level for prowl

More About Prowl

Ethereal Floating test island - Magic Pow Pow

Magic Pow Pow

Low Poly Island in the sky


Tutorial level for prowl

More About Prowl

Salt Lubbers

Unreal Jam project


Shrine gamemode in main level


Global Game Jam 2017

Indie Games Company

Magic Pow Pow & Prowl





About Ethereal Games

Ethereal is an ambitious indie team, who is aiming to deliver great games, which will be created and improved based on the needs and wants of our gaming community! Everyone know how important the community is, they are the ones playing and hopefully enjoying our games, they are the ones who gaming company should care about the most, and this is what we want to achieve!

We want to have constant communication with people who did give us a chance and found enjoyment in our game, is there a feature you really like? Tell us about it! Is there something in the game that really grind your gears? Tell us about it! We will ensure to sort it out.

“Our objective is to listen and respond to player feedback, go above and beyond their expectations and always deliver on our promises”

Latest updates

Ethereal Game Development Gallery

prowl scenery

Hut scenery

Mountain range prowl

Prowl Scenary

Prowl skull in game screenshot


Prowl at sunset

Who to infect next prowl

sketch prowl



Wizard dressed now 🙂

Alchemy Table we’re working on

Our floating test island

Wizard Wire Frame

Different growth stages for carrots and potatoes

Basic Rock Selection

Low Poly Tree collection




GUI – Magic Pow Pow


luminescence ship

luminescence trees

luminescence Explode


luminescence moving

Tranzfuser submission

2d logo tranzfuser


Tranzfuser Day

Tranzfuser 2017

Tranzfuser Day 1 – Ethereal Games

Josh & Sam Founders

Glyndwr Team

Bailey Team Leader

Ethereal at Doctor Strange

Ethereal Team at Wales Comic Con gaming arena

Ethereal Team working on Prowl